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Online Players is back!


  • Added a new long awaited page, Online Players. This page will track hourly the amount of players online and display them in the graph. Note these numbers are minimum values and are not an accurate online count, however it should be very near to the amount online. DISCLAIMER: This page is in its BETA stage, it may have problems which will be fixed before it's final version.
  • Experience and Estimated Rank Points pages are fully functional once again.
  • Various background optimisations and fixes done to the site.

Thanks for all the support!

New features and More!

A few updates:

  • DO's new server has been added to the site.
  • A new section called tools with some interesting tools
  • A few additions to the profile page such as last update and ban history of an account

Currently the Experience page and Estimated Rank Points is disabled as DO's own leadersboard for Experience are broken. It will be re-enabled when they fix the issue on their end.

Thanks again for all the support!

New Host!

We are now on the new host! As of being on the new host, things hopefully should run smoothly, but if they don't please report it in my discord of what is wrong. All features that were on the old site plus some extra are now working again. The site now tracks top 1000 on galaxy gates too, so you will see further information on your account if you weren't in top 500.

Thanks for all the support!


We now have a discord server! Why should you join?

  • You can see the site changes when they are announced.
  • You can communicate with other users of the site and share your stats.
  • You can have direct communication with the Staff of DOStats and suggest ideas to improve the site or add something new.

You can join the discord by following this link: